22 Mar 2021

Harmon Group’s Manufacturing expansion

The Harmon Group’s current expansion of its Manufacturing division is progressing well. The extension is well underway with the new assembly facility / clean room and new offices almost complete. This will allow for more manufacturing space to complement our current capacity, which includes the recent addition of a new Mazak Integrex i-400 with smooth […]

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25 Nov 2020

Powder coating quick turn around capacity available NOW

Harmon Group can offer quick turn around lead times in our powder coating and wet spraying facility, any colour/ powder catered for, no job too small. We can facilitate up to four meters in length and weights up to 750kg. Please feel free to call 01202 654190 to inquire further or reserve capacity for when […]

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05 Oct 2020

New floors and 5 S today for one of our milling sections.

Another section of our floors painted over the weekend and new work benches in place. Another exciting 5S day for one of our milling sections. Seiri (sort) Seiton (set in order) , Seiso (shine), Seiketsu (standardize) then comes Shitsuke (sustain/self-discipline).

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29 Sep 2020

Electrical Sub Station installed specifically for our own use

As we have progressively grown over the years, so has the industrial estate we are located on. Power cuts have increased due to the power grid not sustaining our continued growth. We have taken it upon ourselves to install our own Sub Station, solely for our use. Thus ensuring that we have constant, uninterrupted power […]

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17 Aug 2020

Phase 2 proposed elevation

Foundations are laid and the floor is almost complete in the rear section of the new building, abiding to social distancing measures and in this great British weather, we have made great strides forward and hope to have the new reception and clean room assembly area built very soon.

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11 Aug 2020

Harmon Group are moving into phase two of our Manufacturing expansion plan.

We are currently building a new office block and reception area to create more shop floor space, this will also allow us to build new clean room facilities for assembly and fitting expansion! When the pandemic hit, we where not sure we would still be on track, it was extremely concerning times and priority quickly […]

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