Harmon Treatments provides a comprehensive range of surface treatments using the latest processing equipment. We operate with AS9100 and NADCAP approval.

The below chart outlines some of our treatments and capabilities.

Process Sub-process Max size
NDT Penetrant Flaw Detect
Magnetic Flaw Detect
Acid Etch Inspect
Hardness Test
Surface Preparation Vapour Degrease
Alumina Blast
Alkaline Clean
Anodising Chromic Anodise – Standard and Low Voltage
Sulphuric Anodise – Standard and Thin Film
Hard Anodise
Red and Black Anodising dyes
Chromate Conversion Alocrom 1200 (Hexavalent Chromium)
SurTec 650V (Trivalent Chromium)
Stainless Steel Passivation Full range of AMS2700 passivations 500mm
Cadmium Plating Bright
Low Hydrogen Embrittlement
Zinc Plating Both Chrome and Chrome free Passivate available 500mm
Stress Relieve / De-Embrittlement Ovens calibrated up to 260°C (AMS2750 class 4 and 5) 500mm
Paint spraying Aerospace Etch Prime, Prime and Topcoat
Dry Film Lubricant
Surface Enhancement Automated Shot Peen Cabinet 500mm
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